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Hello, I’m Marcus

I’ve always loved going to events – there’s something special about live that you can never capture properly with a video. The electric atmosphere of the big match is never the same when you watch it on telly, the hairs on the back of your neck won’t stand up if you’re watching the gig on YouTube.

Getting tickets to live events isn’t easy though. 

There often aren’t enough tickets to go around in the first place, but the problem is amplified by touts using automated ‘bots’ to sweep in and buy thousands of tickets within seconds of them going on sale.

Those exact tickets are then on reseller sites within minutes, priced at a huge markup, of course.

Nobody’s got the time to keep track of all of the events going on – to know what’s going on sale when.

That’s why real fans like us are getting beaten by the bots, we either have to miss the event or line the grubby pocket of a reseller.

Until now.

I set Event Alert Pro up to beat the touts at their own game. I’m doing all of the research into which tickets are going on sale when, and I’ll share it all with you for free, absolutely no strings attached.

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